HDD Security Password Removal


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hello all Folks
when we talk about Laptop security always we go to ROM , or i2c 24XXX , or Embedded Controller (EC)
case some security Block can be stored in main Bios , or EC Bios , or any other way

but tottaly this is difference when we talk about HDD
in HDD world Password is not stored in PCB Rom

and it stored in HDD Firmware that stored in HDD internal Platter
in HDD there are 2 type of Firmware

1- ROM
this is Stored in Electronic PCB , for Ex in WD Brands you always Find U12 this chip where ROM is stored


we can reprogramme this ic directly with Software no need to remove or use external programmer
we will go deep later in this point

2- SA Firmware
SA = Service area

every platter in hdd is divided in 2 zones , normally about 21 zones
start from zone 0 up to zone 21
we always call Zone 0 as FW area Zone or SA Zone , cause Factory write HDD Firmware in this Zone
and normal user can't access this zone

Zone 0.png

here exactly what we need to start
this FW ( Firmware ) is stored in special sectors we call it MODULES
Modules is Actually Table Container for Many Function for HDD During work
in this Area there are what we search for , Security Password
and in next Lectures i will go Deep in security issue and how we can Remove Security Password in HDD