How to Start Technical Support Ticket


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hi all Folks
in this thread i will focus in important Thread before you start any Technical support Ticket

1- choose Good Address for your issue
Short Description for your issue with LBE Don't use undesired address

2- Describe your issue in details in Ticket Body
so we can Help you Quickly to fix your issue

3- if your LBE not work Create New Key by LBE key Generator
and load it in your ticket without Creating new Key we will not able to help you to Fix your issue

4- Don't open new Ticket if your Ticket already opened and Follow in current ticket only
also after Ticket Close don't write again in t


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When lbe not work due to format system or install new os , kindly install all driver and check it in device manager for confirmation about all driver installed

1. extract lbe key generator and open it.

2. go to lbe folder and open hpwlab_key_file.ini

3. you can see here your name , company name , email id etc

4. now open lbe key generator.exe file and fill all detail as per your previous key details

5. hpwlab id = (your username of

6. click on generate tab and you will get new hpwlab_key_file.ini

7. zip or rar hpw_key_file.ini file

8. now go to

(user must be login for access this link)

9. write here your problem and upload file ( website accept only zip or rar file)

10. now new generated hpwlab_key_file.ini copy and paste to lbe folder (overwrite existing file)

11. wait for admin answer and for that you have to follow ticket link . when admin answer your ticket after then you can run lbe 1.5