waiting customer response Dell Inspiron 5748 BIOS Recovery!


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Dell Inspiron 5748
Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 5748 that doesn't POST, no LEDs flashing or blinking and no error beeps, just fan and hard drive spinning up and it tries to read from DVD drive. I suspected that the laptop is bricked and failed BIOS update is the cause! I tried to recover using USB flash drive by holding the End key and connecting AC, BIOS recovery doesn't start!

I used a programmer to dump the BIOS, I have LBE v1.5.0 but, I'm not sure how to repair BIOS file, I've tried to repair, but the repaired files I get is either slightly larger or 1MB smaller in size and I get warning when I open these repairs with UEFI Tool! I've noticed that the dump I took doesn't contan a GBE region! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!