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Hello all Folks
Using MAX AFH Values in Repair or Recovery
Last few days users start talk about Using of Max AFH Values for Seagate
and the Advantage of using MAX AFH Values in Repair or Recovery and Fast imaging also Fast Repair for All Zone of HDD
other wise let's ask Some Question and

is it Good to use MAX AFH ?

no this is not Good and if this is Good why Factory not use such values or add mechanism to auto increase AFH values in
case of Zone error or bad sector error !!!
i wonder if things is easy like this what the idea that Seagate FW engineers use to adjust AFH Values for every head also why we run threw all these steps for ROM structure Building to finally Get these limited values of AFH ?
and while we adopt Heads is it good to work in limited Range or make it open to use maximum Values of AFH ?

Actually using AFH values decrease HDD Life Time

no you misunderstand , we use this for recovery speed !
and what if HDD Click ? what will you do in this case ?
are you going really for repair Clicking in HDD by re adjust AFH values or by head swap ?

dear increasing AFH values is build upon Risk , and to make it public need comparing and testing also monitoring SMART Values

yes we can Repair Clicking HDD from ROM
even seagate inventors can't do this , unless you talk about logical clicking , and this also not mean you repair head
so in this point we should distinguish of 2 points

Logical Head Clicking
Physical head Clicking

what ever you do repair or recovery every operation have its Road that you should follow to get HDD ready in your hands
so insert AFH here without take care you can get shitty result , and you can corrupt HDD