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What is LBE ?

LBE is Full Laptop Bios Solution - Can do many Functions

for Bios :-
1-Direct Extract Bios from EXE
2-adjust Main Bios File
3-Extract MAIN and EC Bios From any File
4- Adjust any File Size
5- Generate DELL 16 MB Bios
6-Repair Corrupted Bios

For Utility :
1- MAC SN Editor
2- DELL SN Editor
3- Windows Key Extractor

For Security :
LBE can Generate and Clean Dump for many brands
1- HP Dump Clean
2- Panasonic Dump Clean
3- Asus Master Password Generator
4- Sony Vaio Master Password Generator
5- Apple Dump Clean
6- Fujitsu Master Password Generator

For ME :
LBE Give Creative Solutions in this point
1-Auto ME Clear
2-Auto ME 11 12 Clean with one Click
3- ME Analyzer

Frequently Asked Questions About LBE :-
all questions you need to know about LBE are Listed here

How can i get LBE ?

you can Get LBE threw our Partner in your Country
you can check near partner to you
threw this link

if there is no partner in your country then you can buy directly threw this link
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