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  1. Francisco

    Lenovo x1 extreme 2nd Gen SVP removal

    upload ur bios,also can send to eng osama
  2. Francisco

    BBS Price List Details

    (y)(y)(y)(y) very good my friend
  3. Francisco

  4. Francisco

    Intel CSME 12.0 Firmware Repository Pack r6

    thanks, link were ?
  5. Francisco

    Schematic Needed Quanta G75A schematic

    thanks for your help
  6. Francisco

    Bios Backup Samsung NP540u lotus 13

  7. Francisco

    Bios Tested Acer Aspire R3-471T DA0ZQXMB8E0 REV E

    download and can easy clean me with LBE
  8. Francisco

    Bios Tested Asus X201E

    bios working
  9. Francisco

    Bios Tested Lenovo Flex 2-14 LF14M MB 13281-1

  10. Francisco

    Bios Tested Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series ZAVC0 LA-B012P REV 1.0

    working bios
  11. Francisco

    Bios Backup MSI GE62 6QD APACHE PRO - MS-16J5

  12. Francisco

    Bios Backup MSI GL62 MS-16J5, MS-16J51

  13. Francisco

    Bios Tested Dell Latitude 7280 CAZ10 LA-E121P rev 1.0

    working bios
  14. Francisco

    Bios Tested lenovo c365 6050A2594901.A01 CFT3S ver 1.0

    working bios
  15. Francisco

    Bios Tested Asus Q304UA-BHI5T11 Q304UAK rev 2.0

    bios working
  16. Francisco

    Bios Tested Asus k46cm rev 2.0

    working bios
  17. Francisco

    Bios Tested Asus Eee PC 1001 PXD2010.9.20

    working bios
  18. Francisco

    Bios Tested Aspire ES1-572 B5W1S LA-D671P

    working bios