LBE-VIP Agreement Terms And Conditions


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A) LBE - Terms and Condition

1- For LBE users we Give Free Support Related to LBE Software,
and Technical Support for Bios issue

2- we Give Free LBE-VIP membership in Forum For our LBE Customers

3- User Should Report us any BUGS in LBE software if found and we will Fix it and Corrected in Next Update Or Next Patch

4- cause we Provide Software that Locked to Machine Hardware and we didn't Provide any Stop Mechanism for working Key
so we Have All Rights to cancel Refund or Apply Partial Refund

5- LBE is one Time Payment and All update Releated To LBE is Free , Except in case of Provide New Solutions Not Related to Bios Extraction
we have rights To release it Free or for Small Fee depend on importance of update

6- formatting HDD , Or Reinstall windows didn't Have any Effects for LBE Software , and in case there are any issue
We will Fix this issue for Current User Lisc Activation in any time

7- User Can Change Full system for one Time , and in this Case we will close old activation Update and Activate new Lisc For user

B) We Have Rights to Block any Account for one or more of these Reasons

1- Access Account from more than 2 IP Address
2- Share Account Free with other members
3- Access to LBE membership From out Of User Country
4- LBE User share Critical Material for LBE without Permission
5- enter from different IP address for LBE-VIP

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